Post-Election Update

I wanted to wait until Dallas County released the official results from Saturday’s election, but after more than 2 days and no official vote count, I figured I should say something anyway.

First of all: thanks to your support, I received the most votes in district 1 at 42.5%. Because I was under 50%, the 2nd place candidate, Tony Grimes, and I will face off in a runoff election on June 18th.

I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, to all my volunteers, voters, and supporters: thank you! I could not have gotten this far without you. I am truly humbled to have such generous support. So take a breath, redouble your efforts, and work harder than ever in the runoff. I need your help and your vote. Mark your calendars, leave your signs up, and spread the word to your neighbors!

Finally, I’d also like to thank Ricky Lightfoot for running such a passionate campaign to provide a strong voice to district 1. Ricky, I promise to carry on that torch of listening and giving a voice to those who feel like they don’t have one.

Thank you, God bless Irving, and God bless America!

John Bloch’s appearance on Irving Community Television Network’s 2022 candidate forum